Step 2: Asbestos Testing

Author: Asbestos Solutions Inc. |

We can work with you, your real estate agent, or your contractor to identify possible asbestos containing materials, and help build a scope and plan while maintaining budget. ​

The City of Calgary is now mandating that any home that will undergo renovations or be demolished have an asbestos test to determine if any asbestos is present prior to issuing a permit. A demolition permit requires an inspection of the property and documentation prior to signing off on the permit.

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    We only test what is required for your needs and will discuss potential scope and cost prior to any samples being taken.

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    Each house is like a fingerprint, we can't know how many samples will be needed until we see the structure. We can take non-invasive samples that no one will ever notice were taken.

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    The sampling is safe and quick. Results can be delivered the same day, or up to five business days.

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