Asbestos Removal Company Calgary

Asbestos Removal Company Calgary

Asbestos Solutions Inc.


Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Abatement, and Demolition Services.



Whether you are planning a new project, developing a property,
maintaining a building, or just need information, Asbestos
Solutions Inc. is designed to fit all your needs.

What separates us from the many other asbestos removal and demolition companies is that we are both construction and asbestos experts! ASBESTOS SOLUTIONS INC. has experienced, professional, and efficient crews that can meet virtually all of your asbestos testing, remediation, and demolition needs. We are also an excellent resource for asbestos and demolition consultation and scope building.

  • Mold Removal Calgary


    • $5 Million Liability
    • Hazmat Insured
    • WCB Insured

  • Mold Removal Calgary


    • Certified Asbestos Workers
    • OHS + Alberta Asbestos Manual Compliant
    • No Temporary Labor

  • Mold Removal Calgary


    • City Permit Requirements
    • Asbestos Testing Results
    • Site Specific Scope/Requirements
    • Work Performance, Hazards, Air Testing Results
    • Asbestos NOP Filed With OHS

  • Mold Removal Calgary


    • The health and safety of each of our employees is our primary concern
    • We have an in-house safety policies & procedures program that each crew member adheres to


Asbestos Testing Calgary

Our employees have 25+ years of construction experience which is invaluable in assessing properties for hazards.

Asbestos Testing Calgary

We are experienced in all facets of construction, planning, renovations and city requirements.

Asbestos Testing Calgary

Asbestos Solutions does not use temporary labour. The difference in efficiency and quality is night and day. We have our own crews that take what we do seriously.

Asbestos Testing Calgary

We help save you time and money in the process! Our unmatched expertise in the industry and with renovations can guide your project and avoid potential mistakes.

Asbestos Testing Calgary

Before you begin any asbestos removal, a Notice of Project (NOP) is required by the City, and OH&S will be notified. Most companies skip this step which is your first red flag! Asbestos Solutions is thorough in all documentation and has all bases covered when it comes to proper requirements to ensuring any delays or fines are avoided.



As asbestos becomes higher profile, the information surrounding it becomes more convoluted. Everyone has varying levels of knowledge that is based on a bit of fact and lots of mis-information. It can be a very grey industry, even for the professionals.


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Serving across Calgary, Airdrie, Crossfield, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Millarville,
Okotoks, and the surrounding areas.

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Each site is unique, and Asbestos Testing, Removal & Demolition services can vary
in complexity and scope. Call us today for your custom quote.


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