• Step 1: Where Do I Start
  • Step 2: Asbestos Testing
  • Step 3: Asbestos Abatement
  • Step 4: Demolition

We service a wide range of clients including individual home owners, real estate agents, developers, business owners, contractors and construction companies. Our services are relevant at any stage, but first we can help you identify if you need our services. ​

Here's Where We Can Help
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    Real Estate Transaction​

    Before You Buy or Sell

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    Before You Begin Your Residential or Commercial Reno

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    Before You Start Your Demolition Project

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    Peace Of Mind​​

    Keep Your loved ones safe from potential hazards

We can work with you, your real estate agent, or your contractor to identify possible asbestos containing materials, and help build a scope and plan while maintaining budget. ​

The City of Calgary is now mandating that any home that will undergo renovations or be demolished have an asbestos test to determine if any asbestos is present prior to issuing a permit. A demolition permit requires an inspection of the property and documentation prior to signing off on the permit.

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    We only test what is required for your needs and will discuss potential scope and cost prior to any samples being taken.

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    Each house is like a fingerprint, we can't know how many samples will be needed until we see the structure. We can take non-invasive samples that no one will ever notice were taken.

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    The sampling is safe and quick. Results can be delivered the same day, or up to five business days.

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If your property has asbestos, don’t panic! Once the testing is complete, a scope for removal / management plan can be created. The asbestos must be remediated prior to any demolition.

  • Asbestos abatements are assessed by level of risk determined by the friability of the material containing asbestos fibres. They are then categorized as low, moderate, or high risk jobs. The percentage of asbestos is of little matter, it is either present or not.

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    Vermiculite is at the top of the "serious" list. Do not disturb any material or blow insulation on top of it without getting advice first! Ceiling stipple and lino sheet flooring are also usually high in asbestos content. Let our professionals safely remove any hazardous materials.

  • Everyone's safety is of our utmost importance and Asbestos Solutions ensures our professionals are fully equipped with Hazmat protection gear, WCB Insurance and follow all regulations and standards. The remediated asbestos is then safely disposed of.

Our experience in both construction and asbestos removal makes us experts in the field of demolition for both commercial and residential projects.

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    Initial Demolition Consultation ​

    Use our knowledge and expertise when planning your renovation.

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    Full Service Demolition​

    Full interior & exterior demo, including removal of flooring, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Concrete cutting, breaking, removal.

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    Save Time & Money!

    Since we also perform asbestos remediation, we are already familiar with the site needs and can perform the next step - demolition and save you time and money in the process.

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    We Have You Covered ​​

    We minimize your risk by having $5 Million Liability, WCB, Company-wide safety program and do not hire temporary labour. All of our workers have hazmat insurance and have asbestos removal accreditation.